That's all you will have left in your pocket after Obama is done with your paycheck.
We are thankful for some of
Obama's side effects. Millions of
Law Abiding Americans now own
firearms. And, according to sales
statistics, a hell of alot of ammo.
Obama's great. Magnificent. Oh yeah he's great.
Brilliant. What kind of bread he got for us this week.
Another successful ACORN voter
registration season in Chicago.
Obama Airlines
It's wrong to scare terrorists.
It was too getting warmer.
1993 said Nafta will:
1.) Eliminate Illegal Immigration from Mexico
2.) Create more jobs in the U.S.
3.) Increase our trade Surplus with Mexico.

2009 says TAXING ENERGY will:
1.) Fix the economy
2.) Solve the climate problems.
3.) Increase National Security
His Damage to the United States

1.) Destroyed millions of Middle Class jobs with Nafta.
2.) Attempted to steal a Presidential Election with election fraud.
3.) Spent 10 years fighting to convince Americans Sadaam Hussein needed to be removed from power  
     and then cowered away when it became unpopular.
4.) Changed the term "Global Warming" to "Climate Change" after proof the globe wasn't warming.
Destroyer of the Middle Class.
We should stop growing
food for the starving
people and use that land
to grow corn for ethanol!
See Bill Clinton sign NAFTA. He is so
proud to tell you how happy the
Chinese were to hear they were going
to be getting all the American jobs.