Dick Turban
Job: Getting our troops killed.
Neither is mine, Rezko, so don't rat me out.
"I'm for the peepo"
Impeached Governor of Illinois
He has been great for job creation
- in neighboring states. He is
famous for taxing businesses out
of Illinois. His proposed 7.6 billion
dollar gross receipts tax on
businesses lost in the Illinois
legislature 107 - 0.
His impeachment vote wasn't as
bad, it was 114 - 1 in the Illinois
House and 59 - 0 in the Senate.
My sphincter isn't ready for jail.
Slumlord, convicted felon and
really ugly person Tony Rezko.
Cook County President
Todd "Food Desert" Stroger
Inventor of the 11.25% sales tax
Richard M (Raise your taxes) Daley
 Back in the 1980's there was an incompetent lawyer. He
flunked the Illinois bar exam twice. But he had the same name
as his daddy, who was the most corrupt politician in the
history of the United States. So he was elected the Cook
County States Attorney. Many of you may have heard of his
legacy. In Illinois, many inmates who had been sentenced to
death under Daley's leadership were exonerated years later
and countless others have been exonerated using DNA
evidence. They were framed! The old Richard J. Daley method
of "Just grab the first nigger you see and pin it on him" just
doesn't fly any more.          
 Where does the buck stop on this egregious incompetence?
Not with Richard M. Daley. You see, if you are in the media
and you even bring up his relationship to this issue, you will
pay. Building inspectors will find something wrong with your
building, police will target you for traffic tickets, and who
knows what else he will do to you.
 Earlier last month, a convicted murderer was freed after 26
years in jail. Read what he has to say about his conviction and
who put him there.
  If you don't show up to vote in Chicago, don't worry. They will mark you down
as voting a straight Democratic ticket, just like your dead uncle is voting. That is
how these sleaze bags get elected. A well funded ACORN in Cook County
guarantees the elections are still fixed.
  When Saddam Hussein was removed from power, Chicago became the new
"most corrupt" city in the world. This is where Barack Obama lives and below are
many of his friends and acquaintances. Some of them can be found in local
prisons, others just belong there.
  You won't hear about corruption in Chicago much longer. With the Obama
regime in Washington,
Mayor Daley now gets to hand-pick the Inspector General
and all corruption investigations are being called off.
His job for the Democrats was
to prolong the war in Iraq, get
more Americans killed, and
encourage the insurgency and
al-Qaida to fight harder so his
party could win more
elections. Job well done.
My followers are so stupid.
Louis Farrakhan
Leader - Nation of Idiots
Claims to have been abducted
by a UFO and flown around in
their spaceship. I think the anal
probe damaged his brain.
Todd Stroger holds one of the
highest elected offices in the
state of Illinois, yet his name
has never appeared on a ballot
for election. This is Chicago
Democracy.  But many of his
employees support him. Most of
his highest paid ones also
appear in his family pictures.
Illinois Democrats - Stinking up America
God's gonna whoop my ass someday.
Father Michael Phleger
Let me get this straight. You're
always really pissed off. The guns
are responsible for killings. The
pipe shops are responsible for the
drug use. Whitey is responsible
for all the poor minorities.
Dude, allow me to make an
observation. That vow of Chastity
just ain't working for you.
Looks like a real winner..
"Kill all the rich people. ... Bring the
revolution home. Kill your parents."
"When a pig gets iced, it's a good
And kids, with an attitude like that,
there's only one profession you can
get a job in. College Professor.
I hope the troops don't shoot us Liberals when they get home.
Barack, you beady eyed weasel
Michelle Obama
Barack, with a wife with a face
like that, you can become
Woody the Wino and no one
will blame you!
Orca Winfrey
When God was giving
out ass, I thought he
said class, so I asked
him if I could have
twice as much.
I'm not a rat. I look more like a raccoon.
Never trust creatures whose
eyes are that close together.
I come from Rod Blagojevich's district.
Rahm Emanuel
Obama's Chief of Graft
Wall Street Millionaire who's so
tough he once e-mailed someone
a picture of a dead fish.
Roland "Cryptkeeper" Burris
Sitting on an Illinois Senate
Seat produces more crap
than sitting on a toilet seat.
Who the hell needs votes to become a Senator when you can buy it cheap.
I'm not guilty. Even if they have me on tape.
Jesse Jr.
guess you weren't feeling Sandi
at the beach, you were feeling
Giovana. So how do your wife and
children feel about your new
girlfriend? You're a loser. Like
father like son.
Watch out Jesse, I foresee
handcuffs and a bribery trial in
your future.
Democratic party religeous leaders. Not quite like the Republican ones.
Turds of a feather flock together.
Sales tax on
Coke in Chicago
So I confessed to taking bribes. You're puting me in jail because I'm black.
Go directly to Jail and don't
collect 200 dollars
One of Baracks good friends
is moving to a bigger house
Guns are bad and should be illegal, except for Black Panthers.
Bobby (Race Card) Rush
Hack of Spades
Got Harry Reid to pull down
his pants and grab his ankles
by telling him he is lynching
Roland Burris if he doesn't
seat him in the Senate.
Pat "Monorail" Quinn,
Wants to raise the Illinois State
Income Tax 50% during a
recession because Illinois has a
budget deficit of 9 billion dollars.
Also wants to spend 6 billion
dollars to build a "high speed"
train from Chicago to St. Louis.
Every day it will get 300 people
there a full hour faster than the
Amtrack we subsidize now.
I let rapists and murderers out of jail to save money.
David Axelrod
Job: Destroying Obama's
presidency with bad advice. So
Fox News isn't a real news
organization? Well, Obama isn't
a real American either.
Chicago Police Officer
John Ardelean (BAC .032)
Hit a car and killed two people,
then had the Chicago Machine
get the judge to throw out all
the evidence and the
prosecuters drop all charges.
Chicago Poice Detective
Joseph Frugoli
BAC .027
Just another Chicago Cop
who got drunk and killed a few
people. Usually his fellow
officers let him go when he is
driving drunk, but this time
they reluctantly arrested him.