My home state of Tennessee voted for George W. Bush instead of me.
Hey Heat Miser, turn
down the thermostat! The
earth is getting too hot!
I'll convert to a Republican for a box of twinkies.
They've been running Congress for three and a half years now. Are you
better off than you were four years ago?
I am sombody stupid.
Spent many a day picketing
banks because "They need to
make more mortgages
available to the poor."
Rosie O'Donut
Viagra Users bookmark this
page. If you happen to have one
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Queen Hillary
I don't want to be Secretary of
State. I want to be President.
Why the long face?
11 weeks of combat, no apparent
injuries, awarded 3 Purple Hearts.
Then came home to throw all his
comrades under the bus. Married
one of the richest widows in the
world. - PRICELESS
If it looks like a weasel, and
smells like a weasel, Swiftboat it.
Or give it a swift kick.
The Lovely Hillary Clinton
It's bad enough that one of these people became President.
Universal Healthcare may not
be a bad idea. Imagine how
much better the world could
have been if we could have
gotten this guy an eye exam
and a pair of glasses back then.
Taco Bell make my bunghole burn.
Screw you Global Warming
boy. Where you're going its
alot hotter than this.
My job is to keep blacks poor and voting for Democrats.
Kerry - Kennedy
Mass of two shits
Nancy Pelosi
We should raise the minimum
wage for everyone - except for
employees in businesses me
and my friends own.
Let me run Fannie Mae, I'm really smart.
Franklin Raines
Harvard University
Harvard Law School
Magdalen College
Oxford University, Rhodes Scholar
Seems like too much education
makes people really, really, dumb.
A few years ago I turned
on the View. There is this
Joy Behar. She watches
that TV show The West
Wing. She says Charlie
Sheen would make a great
President. At that moment
I truly realized why the
television is called the
What did I ever do to become famous? I guess I'm just a bitch.
I have ACORN to thank for winning my election.
Al Franken
Never argue with an idiot,
they will just drag you down
to their level and beat you
with experience.
Barney Frank
”These two entities —
Fannie Mae and Freddie
Mac — are not facing any
kind of financial crisis."
That came from the mouth
of Barney Frank. That ain't
the only thing that came in
his mouth that day.
I ran a prostitution business in my home where people paid to rape little boys.
I like dog fights. I used to be a slave. Its OK for famous directors to drug and rape children.
Is that Whoopi Goldberg
or did you just shave your
dogs ass and teach it to
walk backwards?
Paintings are like a beer, only beer tastes good and it's hard to stop drinking beer.
It has been 32 years since a
Democrat President last received
more than 50% of the vote. It made
me want to pee on the sidewalk.
Even I know you're too stupid to be President.
My barber doesn't charge much.
Beam me up.
James Traficant
Out of jail and plans on getting
elected to Congress again. A bad hair
day every day.
Are you better off than you were two years ago?
I'm smiling because I ain't the
worst President ever any more.
I get passed around like a doobie at the trailer park.
Janeane Garafalo
Hey everyone, look at me. I'm a
comedian and I'm not funny. I
also look like a crack whore and
I can say stupid things too.
Na-Na. CBS pays me 15 million dollars a year.
Katie Couric
My goal next year is to
have my news broadcast
beat re-runs of Friends in
the ratings.
Henry Louis Gates
Do you know who I am?
Yeah, you were the Gold
Medalist in Stupidity
Please watch this instructional
video Mr. Gates
I wish I were white.
Superfly Sharpton
Wearing his Gold Medal
he won in Whitey Hating
In only one year he became exactly the kind
of politician he once claimed to despise!
The Five Democratic Senators who never received a single
vote to become a Senator all supported Obamacare.
Watch closely while I pick a booger out of my nose.
Joe F##king Biden
Captain No Class
Obama's Best Life
Insurance Policy