Hi. Barack Obama here. And here's my Energy Policy. Wherever the oil
companies are allowed to drill now is where I wish the oil to be. The oil
companies just need to look harder and drill more holes out there. How dare
any oil company geologist tell a Liberal Congressman where the oil is. Being
Liberals, we are more enlightened than everyone else.
       Let me explain to you the secret about being a Liberal. We wish alot. And
we know that if we wish hard enough, those things we wish for will happen. I
learned that from the Wizard of Oz.
       For over 20 years in Chicago we have outlawed handguns and wished
that would stop all the shootings. But now we are the murder capital of the
world. I think the problem there is that folks just ain't wishing hard enough. I
think we need to outlaw more guns, and wish a little harder, and raise more
       In Chicago, the private schools provide a superior education for students
for $8000 per student a year. Our public schools spend $12,000 per student a
year and half the students drop out and the other half are dumb as a door
knob. We like to wish spending more money on the schools will make the
students smarter, but the real problem, you guessed it, we just ain't wishing for
it to work hard enough. So we need to spend more money, and wish a little
harder, and raise more taxes.
       So now back to my energy policy. I propose using clean energy, like
solar and wind. I'm going to force everyone to spend tens of thousands of
dollars on their house to use solar and wind energy. Hell, I bet if all of you wish
really hard for sunshine and windy days, you will save over $200 dollars the
first year. And if you don't spend the money and wish real hard for sunshine
and wind, I'm just gonna have to tax the hell out of you.
The New Energy Policy
The original President of Change
Those UAW boys make a fine car!
Obama Approved Transportation
I'm gonna make a hat out of that fat cat on the Healthcare page.
Fission good. Fossile fuel bad.
Obama says tax the hell out of
Energy. And no more Coal or  
Nucular power plants.
That means higher prices for me!
Wind Power